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Brenda, Parent

My daughter has been rocking with Mareana’s and Balie’s World of Love Daycare since she was
One years old! She is now turning four and I do not intend on switching her provider at all! The
staff is extremely helpful and nice. Curetia literally potty trained my child and taught my baby
her ABC’s, colors and numbers. This is also a Christian based daycare, meaning my child is
learning about God in numerous aspects of her life. My baby looks forward to coming to daycare
and going on field trips often. This is definitely a safe space for children to learn and evolve with
people who really cares about them. Thank You Curetia!

Nichole, Parent

What a blessing it was to be recommended to Mareana & Balie’s World of Love Day-Care, I couldn’t ask for more. My daughter has been attending since she was about 6 months old - I was extremely nervous allow her to attend a child care - this was the best choice I’ve ever made. Upon first meeting Curetia we felt so at home! She loves it! Teaghan has advanced so much since being in attendance along with having experiences and trips she wouldn’t have anywhere else. 


She’ll be 2 in four months and they’re already working on potty training. She’s learning her colors, numbers, loves to sing the alphabet along with other songs and dances she learns at “school”. I love the ever growing curriculum and how advanced she’s become thanks to her amazing teachers. They always communicate and are extremely transparent, which I love! I appreciate the safety measures they have in place and feel super safe with her being away from me. As a mom, I couldn't ask for better caretakers for my child. They love her and treat her as their own and every morning she’s excited the moment we pull up. 


If you are looking for quality care with a safe and fun environment, then this is the place for you. Easily the best child care facility around. 

Monacia, Parent

My testimonial of Mareana and Baile’s World Of Love is that my children has been enrolled for 5 and a half years. I started off with 2 children and now there are 3 attending . Since my children have been attending Ms. Cureita’s daycare I have no complaints whatsoever, my children’s academic skills has improved tremendously. Out of three, two of my children has been diagnosed with autism. They have socially and developmentally grown in several compacity , one of them for sure has been in motor development. They are able to better communicate express themselves…self-esteem has grown tremendously. My older children are speaking on platforms they are speaking for them selfs they have developed social skills…. On a personal note my experience with Ms. Curetia is that she counsels me, encourages me and sends me positive affirmations,. Not just limited to me but to all daycare parents who are apart. Thank you so much for all that you do and not just making us feel like clients …. But family…

Gloria, Parent

With opening up on this testimonial subject meeting Curetia, Washington is almost something like meeting an angel OK but now that we have this out of the way, her daycare is such an home environment for my babies they wanted to go to daycare. They loved her cooking. They loved her warm hugs her inspirational speaks. She made my babies feel truly safe and warm. They love the field trip she took them on and her daughters are amazing as well. Her daughters gave the same amount of love, I sent my children to daycare between the ages of four weeks and six weeks and when tell you when went back to work, wasn't worried I was not afraid I felt more secure. I felt peace, knowing that my babies were in the best daycare that was ever created. This daycare is not just a daycare is actually a second home. She explains everything to you what they did in their day. She explains their progress. She explains areas they need to work on but the most thing she explains is moms and dad you guys are doing a great job. Keep up with the good work and if we continue to work in his areas together as a team, then we should succeed with the children. The care that she gave my babies my children was simply amazing my 23 my 22 my 16 my 14 my seven-year-old my 10-year-old and my five-year-old all attended her daycare never once got a complaint from them either my children love her my children still interact with her to this day, I can't find another daycare better than hers and never will try. Thank you so much for loving my babies and from me and my babies you we love you so much..

Genie, Parent

As a parent, I entrusted my children to the staff at Mareana & Balie's World of Love Day Care Center every day for over 5 years, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance they received. They looked at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs and handled them with grace. My children has learned so much since attending this center and continues to share with me the great memories of the daily activities that went on each day while enrolled. This organization has an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day, and makes learning fun for children. I could say more but I want to extend a special thanks to Ms. Curetia for everything she has done for myself and my children professionally and personally. I recommend this center to every one, I guarantee your child or children will be truly blessed. Continue to do amazing works with all children.

The Williams Family, Parents

How do I sum up Curetia's daycare in just a few words, well let's see... A Home Away from Home, A Place of Safety, The No Worry Zone, literally Heaven Sent. Our daughter started attending Curetia's child care facility shortly after she turned 1. We initially tried another daycare because at that time,  I wasn't aware that Curetia had a daycare but as soon as I learned that she was a daycare provider, it was without question that we were making a change! I had no question that she was going to be in good hands but being in good hands was an understatement,  she was in great hands!! Because of Curetia's teachings at her daycare,  my baby entered K-3, prepared and advanced.  Curetia's daycare played a huge role in helping set the foundation for our daughter's scholastic abilities and we will forever be grateful to her for that.  She may have come in as one of Curetia's daycare babies but she left as literally, part of her FAMILY. We are FAMILY! 

Wenoka, Parent

Curetia’s daycare was a true blessing to me and my family. I had my son in another daycare and he cried daily dropping him off and never seemed happy to me. So I searched, visited many other daycare centers in Milwaukee and made the decision to trust my son in Curetia’s care and I am glad I did! My son was happy to go daily and many times did not want to leave! Curetia and her team are professional and have open communication. If there are any areas that you struggle with, such as potty training, don’t worry! Curetia will help you get there with ease! In addition, when it was time for my son to go to school he was more advanced and at the top of his class because the learning is hands on and repetitive. I had no complaints, not one. In fact, there is nothing Curetia could be doing better with the children, it was a perfect experience for me as the parent and for my child.

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