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Your Child is Our Priority.
"Love is, what love does."

At Mareana & Balies World of Love Family Day Care, it is our responsibility to provide you with a safe, secure, clean and friendly Christian-based environment. 

Our motto is Play. Obtain. Achieve. This motto is based on academic research that shows children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are simply having fun. We are designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure that children  become confident, joyful and fully prepared students. Our home-based curriculum offers, but not limited to enrichment programs such as connect four, checkers, building, music, drama play and nature versus nature with pet therapy.

Health & Safety 

At M&B World of Love, we are committed to providing your child with the best course of action in the event of an emergency. Staff are well trained and dedicated to following the essential steps. 

Safety Procedures

In the event of a fire:

Director or qualified substitute will guide children out of the building as quickly as possible and gather in front of the building on the opposite side. A head count will be immediately conducted to ensure all participants are out of the building safely. After participants have been secured, we will await emergency technicians and services to arrive to the location. All parents will be notified of the incident immediately. 

In the event of a severe weather emergency:

Tornado Warning: We take shelter in the basement of the building until threat has passed. The provider will follow directions and lead of the Emergency Broadcasting System until the threat has been clear to return to normal operations.

In the event of a shelter/relocation order:

We will follow the orders given by the local authorities to shelter in place or to relocate. This will be conducted in the safest way possible; taking all needs of participants into consideration. Once given final orders, we will contact parents/guardians immediately to give information on order and safety.


Fire drills are conducted 2xs per month

(Times are logged )

Tornado drills are conducted 1xs per month

(Times are logged)

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